Romanian Hungarian English and French Translation

romania I'm a Romanian Citizen and native Romanian and Hungarian speaker and writer now living in Evansville Indiana with my husband.
I have two first languages: Romanian (limba romāna) and Hungarian (Magyar) and regularly translate between Romanian, Hungarian and English concurrently on a daily basis.
In addition to spoken translation, I translate written text or handwritten / cursive , which some can't do.
I'm fluent in English and am a French speaker as well. I've had over 10 years of French instruction
although haven't used it much since living in the USA and need to refresh my skills again.
Note: I've sometimes been asked to translate medical documents but would prefer not to, as
it often requires an expert in the field.

Please call me if you have questions concerning Romania or Hungary or need a translator.
I would also be interested in speaking with others living in the USA from Romania or Hungary.

Contact Information

Telephone: 812-428-7005


Need a Romanian Bible? They are difficult to find in the USA.
Here are two links:

Some helpful information concerning Romania

U.S. Department of State Romania
Map and Geography of Romania:

Making Phone calls to Romania from the USA:
Dial 011, the international access code.
Dial 40, the Romanian country code
Dial the city code and remaining phone numbers dropping any leading "0" before the city code.
example: if they give you their number as 0223323, drop the 0 and dial 011-40-223323
Often a Romanian will give you a phone number with an extra zero before the country code also. That is incorrect.
From the USA dial 011-40- then the remaining numbers.

Beware of most phone cards advertised on the internet for calling Eastern Europe, Hungary or Romania.
Almost all of these phone cards are scams.
Do a search on Google or another search engine for the phone card name and the term "scam" to see if you find any bad reviews of the card. Also beware of regular phone prices to Romania. Without an international calling plan on a land line or cell phone, you can be hit with a big per minute charge. long distance and International calling - promo code
Suite treat Promo code, receive 20 free minutes when signing up:
I've purchased long distance phone time through for years and once used it for all of my long distance phone calls. In addition to calls within the USA, I use this calling service for international calls to Romania and Hungary and haven't had problems.
I currently pay 18 cents a minute to calls to Romania or a much higher rate (35 cents) if it is a call to a Cell phone there. TIP: The service has a 'SuiteTreat' Free 20 Minute Credit When Signing Up If you enter a promotional code when signing up for a new account you'll receive an immediate 20 minutes (USA) of phone time credit to the new account. A promotional code looks like: 015H78905 which is a real promotional code by the way. Paste the following URL into your browser and the promo code will be placed in your sign up form automatically: or click this link:
Onesuite has no fees, no extra charges and the minutes you purchase don't expire for 6 months. I highly recommend the service.

In addition to Onesuite, I use Yahoo Messenger to phone people in Europe and occasionally use Skype to make phone calls to Europe. Skype is good but I've had some trouble with it, plus it's slightly more expensive than Yahoo.
Both internet phone services will work, even if connected with a dial-up internet connection. Home
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